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Your Stealth Grow May Be Not as Stealthy As You Think

If you are trying to grow your product under the radar then you might be interested in knowing the information from the article below. Basically, they are finding that ballasts that growers are using are emitting enough interference to be noticeable. How noticeable? Enough to affect CB radio operators who are within 1000 feet of the ballasts. The problem seems to be with electronic ballasts produced in China that are imported but have not been tested to conform with the consumer limits of FCC Part 18. Those ballasts that are in compliance do not produce the same level of interference. If a CB radio is within 1000 feet of your grow then they may be able to detect your grow business whether it be legal or illegal.

Key Takeaways:

  • CB radio users have found that certain ballasts are interfering with their radios.
  • The problem is so bad that a person can drive through an area and make a very good assumption that there is a grow happening in a location.
  • The problem seems to be regulated to ballasts that have not passed FCC Part 18.

Quote: “Grow lamp ballasts can make so much noise that anyone with a CB radio can drive by and guess what is going on inside a building. Growers trying to be secretive about their operations may not succeed when they are generating significant RF interference to radio communications.” (Sieker, 2020)

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