Grow Higher - Vertical Growing Systems

Cloning Rack System

Propogation Made Mobile

GrowHigher mobile shelving features a grey rust-inhibiting finish and are great for propagation.

Expand Your Potential

  • Fits four cloning trays per shelf with a potential of 800 clones per shelf.
  • Heavy duty shelving that out performs big box store wire shelving.
  • Specifically built for clone trays with humidity domes.
  • Easy connect shelving that can be adjusted as needed.

Durability and Mobility

  • 14-gauge steel for durability.
  • Easily mount lights to the shelves.
  • Wire mesh surfaces that are easy to clean.
  • Spacious dimensions 48″ x 24″ x 72″.

Improve Your Outcomes

The Cloning Rack System from GrowHigher is simple and mobile so that you can take your shelf with you when it is time for a transplant without disturbing the freshly rooted plants. The less you handle the better the outcome.