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Grow Room Definition

A grow room is a dedicated space for growing cannabis plants. This room is where seeds are planted and cultivated until the plant is ready for harvest. 

Different Options for Grow Rooms

Grow rooms can come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the operation. Here’s a rundown of the various options that growers use: 

  • Greenhouse – A greenhouse works well because it allows natural sunlight to come in while offering a controlled environment. However, in areas where sunlight is insufficient for cannabis, growers must supplement with LED lights. 
  • Warehouse – Because cannabis is desirable, theft can be common. Warehouses provide extra security because it’s hard to tell what’s inside. However, growers depend more on artificial light, increasing their costs and maintenance needs. 
  • Home Grow Room – Individual cannabis growers can set up a grow room in their house. This room may get natural light or be a self-contained unit. 

Why Do Cannabis Growers Need a Grow Room? 

A grow room is necessary to have a controlled environment in which to cultivate the cannabis plant. An interior grow room allows growers to maintain adequate lighting, temperature, and soil conditions for their plants. Grow rooms can also help growers prevent accidental fertilization. It only takes one male plant to fertilize hundreds of females, so growers must be careful to spot and remove all male plants as soon as they’re identifiable. 

Can You Grow Cannabis Without a Grow Room? 

Yes, you can grow cannabis outside. However, there are some significant limitations and potential setbacks, including: 

  • Climate Control – Cannabis grows well in environments that are warm and sunny but not too hot. If you live in an area that doesn’t get much sun for most of the year, you’ll have trouble getting large crops. 
  • Theft – An outdoor cannabis crop is harder to protect than an indoor one. While you can put up fences and other barriers, people and animals can still get in. 
  • Pests – Pests and parasites are also common in indoor grow rooms, but they can thrive outside more easily. 

Overall, having an indoor grow room allows growers to control every aspect of their operation, leading to better yields and higher profits.  

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