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Dry and Cure Room Setup for a Commercial Grow Operation

Drying Room Setup

When I first started growing my grow operations commercially, I had to figure out a way to dry and cure much larger amounts of cannabis than in my smaller grow rooms. I first looked online to see what other growers were doing, but couldn’t find anything definitive or really even that helpful. 

I liked the ideas and understood the concepts but could not figure an economical way to scale these for commercial growing. I have seen undersized dry rooms and was offered every gadget you can imagine to make this a simple hand-off practice. I tried some of these gadgets, but was only left with more than disappointing results.

In the end, I had to figure out the best way to do this through trial and error. I’ve tried a ton of different approaches, failed countless times, but finally found some methods that worked really well and delivered great results. 

First, it became clear really quickly that I needed a dedicated dry and cure room to manage the environment for drying and curing. Setting up the dry and cure room is a top priority for getting the most out of your yield. Here are some tips from what I’ve learned. 

Your Dry and Cure Room Setup

Let’s talk about the dedicated dry room and cure room. So many facilities I have seen cheap out on the dry room and cure room, but this is just as important as the grow room itself. For the best success and profitability, you need to invest in your dry and cure room as you would your grow room. 

Put in that air conditioner, put in those dehumidifiers and humidifiers. Figure out an airflow that will serve the entire room without directly blowing on the plants. Try to find a way to keep the plants so that they do not get touched much. 

A great room design is imperative. It needs to accommodate all your plants but also be able to accommodate a workflow without knocking all of the buds around. You need a design that is easily cleaned, so make sure that your floors and walls can be wiped down between harvests. 

What about air recirculation? You need to be able to clean the air that floats around the room.  Make sure your AC filters are cleaned and you have UV lights installed for sterilization. 

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If you want to take it a step further, my friend Regan with Grow Saver has a unit that I used, the Standalone UVC Air and Odor Disinfections system GCS300-G2. This unit combines the synergistic capabilities of high-intensity UVC, carbon, and HEPA filtration to capture and kill harmful biological and chemical contaminants found within a Cannabis grow facility without using ozone. This is an added weapon to use to make sure that your room’s air is clean and sterilized so that you can have peace of mind. 

You need to make sure the quality of your buds lives up to your reputation and the expectations of your clients. We want to make the perfect environment for the perfect results.  

Preparing Your Dry and Cure Room 

Before you start using your dry and cure room, you’ll want to make sure the conditions inside it are ideal for your buds. I like to see the dry room’s air set down to 68 degrees and a 55% Relative Humidity for the first two days so that a lot of water weight will start getting evaporated. Then over time this will be adjusted during the process. Below I will give updated parameters for later days. Keep the cure room at a constant 62F to 65F and a 55%RH.  Before harvest make sure these rooms are cleaned, sterilized, and acclimated before your projected harvest date.  

Stay Organized 

Being organized is one of the most important parts of a successful harvest. You can use my Grow Log and start filling in the blanks. Make sure to label every table, every row, and every plant so that you take all your harvest info and make a data compilation. Make sure that you have a team lead that can competently organize the crew and label the plants so that your data is accurate.  

Using Your Dry and Cure Rooms

Once you your dry and cure rooms are all set up and ready to go, you’ll want to know how to best use them in your commercial grow operation.

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