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Cure Room Definition

A cure room is an area dedicated to curing dried cannabis buds, which makes the flower much smoother to smoke. Because curing requires attention to detail and a controlled environment, it helps to have a room dedicated to this process. This room is typically colder and has a lower humidity to keep the buds fresh.

Drying vs. Curing

Drying your cannabis is a necessary step after harvesting your plants. If you don’t do this step right, you can’t cure your buds to maximize their flavor and THC content. So, in a way, drying and curing are interlinked, but specifically different steps in the harvesting process. 

Drying your cannabis is a very passive action. All you need to do is let your buds dry out in a dark room with the correct humidity levels. Most professional growers recommend using dehumidifiers to achieve the right balance and prevent mold growth. Once your buds are dry, it’s time to take them to the curing room. 

Curing is a more proactive process. While you’re not doing much, you must pay close attention to your buds to ensure they’re always at the proper humidity level. For instance, when drying humidity should typically be between 45 and 55 percent, while when curing it would typically stay at around 62 percent. 

When curing, you’ll pack your buds into airtight containers and open them once daily for a couple of weeks. At the end, the buds should be moist on the outside and dry on the inside, making them ideal for smoking. 

What Does a Curing Room Need?

As with the drying room, this setup needs darkness and humidity. You have to be able to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels at all times. If possible, put a hygrometer in each jar so you can control your curing process as precisely as possible. You may need a mix of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to ensure proper levels. 

Is Curing the Last Step? 

Yes, curing is the last step after harvesting, and your buds should be ready for sale at the end of the process. Some operations might use the cured cannabis to create other products, but this is typically the last step before shipping off the buds for smoking.

Do You Need to Cure Your Cannabis? 

Realistically, with so many competitors vying for cannabis consumers, curing is becoming more and more essential. While you can sell dry buds, cured ones will be much more desirable. So, if you’re looking for repeat business from loyal customers, you must spend time curing your crops. Otherwise, your customers will likely go to another grower that does.  

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