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Dry Room Definition

A dry room is where cannabis sits to dry before being packaged and sold. Only harvested cannabis should be in the dry room, and the process can take a few days to an entire week, sometimes longer.

Different Types of Dry Rooms

Cannabis growers and cultivators can use several methods to dry their plants for packaging, such as: 

  • Hang Drying – Entire cannabis plants are hung over racks to dry out. This method is labor-intensive and can lead to uneven drying if done improperly. Usually, growers use food-grade drying racks to keep the plants as intact as possible before removing the buds. 
  • Wet Drying – Growers will trim the flowers and leaves before drying the whole plant. This process is also labor-intensive but saves a lot of time after the plants are thoroughly dried. Most growers prefer this method. 
  • Machine Drying – Industrial dryers can speed up production and ensure crop consistency. However, these dryers are expensive to purchase and maintain, so only high-end operations can afford them. 

Why Do Cannabis Growers Need a Dry Room? 

Drying is a crucial process in cannabis cultivation. If the room is too humid, mold can grow on the buds, ruining entire crops or leading to legal action from customers. If the room is too dry, the buds may lose all their moisture, affecting their flavor and potency. Compared to other aspects of cannabis cultivation, the dry room can be considered the most vital component of the entire process. 

Can You Grow Cannabis Without a Dry Room? 

Technically, you can, but you need control over the conditions in the room to ensure proper drying techniques. It’s also possible to dry your cannabis outside, but you have less control over the weather, so having a room is a good backup. For example, as buds dry, they can increase the humidity level inside. So, it’s crucial to have dehumidifiers to prevent mold growth. 

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