Grow Higher - Vertical Growing Systems


These systems are typically installed over the growing area or inside a greenhouse, allowing easy access to crops. The catwalk system provides a stable walkway above the growing racks, helping to prevent damage to the crops.

catwalk for growing rack

Effective Catwalks

The growing racks used in this system are usually multi-levelled, ensuring the accommodation of a large number of crops within a limited area.

These racks are designed to provide an ideal environment for plant maturation, with a carefully maintained balance of light, water, and nutrient provision. Such systems support hydroponic practices, among other modern farming methods.

Advantages of Catwalks
for Vertical Grow

  • These systems provide a high level of accessibility to the growing racks, making it easier for farmers to maintain and harvest their crops.
  • The catwalks allow for easy monitoring and management of the plants, ensuring that they receive the necessary care and attention. In addition, the elevated platforms of the catwalks provide a more ergonomic working environment, reducing the strain on farm workers’ backs and knees.
  • The vertical orientation of the growing racks maximizes the use of limited space, allowing for higher crop yields in a smaller area.
  • Furthermore, the catwalk systems create a more uniform and controlled environment for the plants, with easier access to lighting, irrigation, and ventilation systems.
catwalks for vertical grow

Technical Specifications

8′, 10′, 12′

2’x2′ (10 lbs.), 2’x4′ (19 lbs.)

For one person (300lbs)
per 2’x2′ platform section

1) Platforms

    • two (2) 2’x4’ platforms for 8’ system.
    • two (2) 2’x4’ and one (1) 2’x2’ platform for 10’ system.
    • three (3) 2’x4’ platforms for 12’ system.

2) Two (2) mounting rails
3) Tensioning/locking hardware
4) Mounting hardware

More photos

catwalks for grow racks
catwalks for grow racks
catwalks for grow racks
catwalks for grow racks
catwalks for grow racks
catwalks for grow racks
grow rack catwalk

Installation of Modular Catwalks

We should start with the necessary components that are to be assembled: This includes the platform, support rails, locking hardware, and safety rails at the ends. These components are pre-fabricated and can be easily connected and secured together.

Once the components are ready, they are positioned at the desired height, and the support beams are then positioned and connected to the frame, The locking hardware is placed at the ends of the rails to hold the platform in place and safety rails are added to the ends.

The result will provide a stable base for the catwalk structure and support one person (300lbs) per 2’x2’ platform section.