Curing Cannabis | GrowHigher

When I first started in cannabis many moons ago, I needed to know how to properly cure cannabis for a commercial market. I needed consistency and practices that could scale, and would work for curing cannabis in large amounts. I dug around on the internet and the best I could find was for the household […]

Bucking and Trimming Cannabis | GrowHigher

Once your plants have dried, it’s time to bring in the trimmers. Bucking and trimming cannabis the right way is a vital step to preparing a product that your buyers will love. This is especially true if you’re aiming to sell the best of the best, top-shelf buds. (As a side note, I hear these […]

Drying Cannabis | GrowHigher

Harvesting and drying cannabis the right way is a vital part of a commercial grow operation, just as important as the way you grow the plants themselves. Why go through all the effort to grow beautiful plants, if you’re not going to give the same care to the harvesting and drying? Harvesting and drying correctly […]

Drying Room Setup | Dry and Cure Room | GrowHigher

When I first started growing my grow operations commercially, I had to figure out a way to dry and cure much larger amounts of cannabis than in my smaller grow rooms. I first looked online to see what other growers were doing, but couldn’t find anything definitive or really even that helpful.  I liked the […]

Vertical Grow Rack | Vertical Rack Systems | GrowHigher

When I started in the indoor cannabis grow industry, and just like any new commercial grower, I went to the internet for some tips about what grow shelves to use. I wanted to adapt what I learned in my “secret grow room”. But with an increase in canopy size up to 10,000 square feet, I […]

Grow Room Setup and Design | GrowHigher

When running a commercial grow operation, your grow room setup and design is everything. With the right space, organization, equipment, and environment, you can maximize your yields and your profits. However, if any of these pieces aren’t done correctly, you could be leaving money on the table. One of the biggest mistakes that I have […]

Proven Ways to Increase Cannabis Yields | GrowHigher

With 7 Years of commercial cannabis growing under my belt, I have had a lot of experiences that have taught me a the do’s and don’ts about commercial cannabis growing. So save yourself some money and frustration by reading through this commercial growing guide, and start increasing your yields and revenue right away.   Know Your Strains […]

Even experienced indoor vegetable growers can face a substantial learning curve when they begin to grow cannabis. The cannabis plant has its own characteristics that are unlike those of most vegetables. As the number of states that legalize cannabis continues to rise and growers face an increasing amount of competition, it’s more important than ever […]

After all the recent economic challenges, it’s natural to be hesitant about expanding your business. However, with margins tightening and competition increasing, you know you’ve got to make some decisions – and soon. The answer is to grow up. Vertical growing is the fastest and most economical way to produce more plants. Four main benefits […]

What causes a vertical farm operation to fail? A unique panel discussion of industry leaders explored that question as part of the first “Aglanta” conference. In the discussion, sponsored by, three industry experts weighed in on the top nine reasons vertical farms fail. The panelists include Paul Hardej of FarmedHere; Mike Nasseri of LocalGarden; and […]