Even experienced indoor vegetable growers can face a substantial learning curve when they begin to grow cannabis. The cannabis plant has its own characteristics that are unlike those of most vegetables. As the number of states that legalize cannabis continues to rise and growers face an increasing amount of competition, it’s more important than ever […]

After all the recent economic challenges, it’s natural to be hesitant about expanding your business. However, with margins tightening and competition increasing, you know you’ve got to make some decisions – and soon. The answer is to grow up. Vertical growing is the fastest and most economical way to produce more plants. Four main benefits […]

What causes a vertical farm operation to fail? A unique panel discussion of industry leaders explored that question as part of the first “Aglanta” conference. In the discussion, sponsored by agritecture.com, three industry experts weighed in on the top nine reasons vertical farms fail. The panelists include Paul Hardej of FarmedHere; Mike Nasseri of LocalGarden; and […]

In order to compete in any industry, you need the right tools. The competitive cannabis industry is no different. If you’re ready to increase yields and maximize profits through vertical growing, here is a list of five essential tools you’ll need for your grow room. 1. Mobile Grow Racks. Mobile grow racks allow you the […]

It’s a basic rule of business. To clear more profit, you need to sell more products with reduced overhead costs. In the agricultural industry, that usually translates to growing more plants in less space. In the highly competitive cannabis market, you may think that goal is impossible. However, that means you haven’t yet tried a […]

As of April 2021, 17 states, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories have passed legislation to regulate cannabis for adult recreational use. In fact, in the months between November 2020 and April 2021, every cannabis-related ballot measure before U.S. voters has passed.   Whether you’re an established grower or just launching your business, you already […]

Local and sustainably grown foods are becoming more popular among general public. As food grown in this way becomes more competitive in pricing, the popularity can only increase. For farmers using hydroponics, this means that analysis of their farm economics and business strategy needs to be evaluated often. Profit margins for hydroponic greenhouse farms are […]

The indoor agriculture marketplace is seeing accelerated changes during times of Covid-19 and concern for climate change. The need for food security is causing a lot of places to start vertical and hydroponic growing systems indoors. These systems are allowing farms to produce A-grade food without needing soil and as much water resources. The food […]

The COVID-19 disruption has exposed supply chains to volatility rarely seen before. Indoor vertical farming promises to shorten food supply chains by bringing food production closer to consumers. It also uses far less land and water, and no pesticides. The problem with vertical farming is the huge amount of energy required to power the indoor […]

San Diego has launched a new Urban Farmer Website on June 15th. City administrators predicted a new found interest in Urban farming based on Covid19. Residents in the city are being asked to shelter in place and limit grocery trips. Permits are not required to raise hens or pygmy goats and San Diego Chicken exchange […]