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What Are the Megatrends Shaping Indoor Farming?

The indoor agriculture marketplace is seeing accelerated changes during times of Covid-19 and concern for climate change. The need for food security is causing a lot of places to start vertical and hydroponic growing systems indoors. These systems are allowing farms to produce A-grade food without needing soil and as much water resources. The food also gets to be distributed locally. Many hobbyists are also getting into these trends. The need for change is sparking a lot of innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new webinar series will focus on the big trends happening with indoor farming.
  • The webinar series takes the place of a convention that was cancelled because of the pandemic.
  • Trends include things demanded by customers like plant protein, the use of robotics, and more.

“From COVID-19 to climate change to food security concerns, there are a number of factors accelerating megatrends shaping the indoor agriculture marketplace”

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