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Why It is Hard to Find Cannabis Grower Racks

Are you a consumer-level grower or an industrial level grower? It is one of the first questions that should always be asked before you start shopping for supplies and/or equipment. If you are searching for cannabis grower racks then you will find that there are a lot of consumer-level products in the marketplace. This could be extremely frustrating for a person who needs industrial level growing supplies. A person who needs industrial growing supplies will be forced to sort and sift through the high amount of consumer-level products before finding anything that may be useful for them. If they get lucky enough to find a product then they will have to be conscientious enough to note what the name of the product is so that they can find it again later.

The problem is the technical jargon in both industries. As a grower, you have your own terminology that is accepted within your industry. For example, you could be searching for something like cannabis grower racks and have that be an acceptable term in your industry. However, that will trigger a local grow shop or search engines to deliver you consumer-grade products first. You will likely have to modify the term in order to get to the products you need. If you need industrial level products then you are more likely to find them under their industry name which is pallet rack. The introduction of “pallet” into your keyword, which happens to be those cannabis grower racks, can help you get to the industrial versions quicker.

What is a pallet rack and why is it called a pallet rack? Pallet rack is what it sounds like it is when you hear the name. It is a shelving system designed to hold pallets of products. However, over time that has changed in order to support various types of products as well. Your product, cannabis, can be grown in trays that are specially made to fit in pallet racks. In fact, that is what most professional growers do. They grow within pallet racks because it gives them more space than the consumer level products. It also gives them the ability to stack their products vertically to the ceiling, or, at least, to the limit that is allowed by your local government.

Your local government is going to try to get involved in your business via permitting for this type of storage system. The classification of a pallet rack, as far as the government is concerned, a storage system, therefore you could be, depending on your local government, beholden to the same roles as anyone else who uses a pallet rack to store their product. Vertical storage may be controlled, depending on your local government, because it could be a fire hazard and your sprinkler system has to be able to reach the lower levels of your product in order to suppress a fire. If you have not dealt with a pallet rack permit process then it is smart to get help from someone who knows how the system works and has done it successfully before.

If this all sounds confusing then you can shortcut the problem by talking to someone who is well versed in all of this by giving us a call at 503 878-7543. You can also have a look at these vertical grow racks or mobile grow racks for your business if you feel like you do not need to talk to anyone.

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