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Benefits of a Mobile Multi-Level Cultivation System

It’s a basic rule of business. To clear more profit, you need to sell more products with reduced overhead costs. In the agricultural industry, that usually translates to growing more plants in less space.

In the highly competitive cannabis market, you may think that goal is impossible. However, that means you haven’t yet tried a mobile vertical growing rack. Let’s examine the top four benefits of a multi-level cultivation system

Increased canopy space within your existing square footage

Let’s face it – it’s hard to rent warehouse space for a growing operation. Not only is suitable space at a premium, but the owners of many properties are increasingly hesitant to rent to growers. If they do decide to accept a grower’s rental application, it’s often with a hefty increase over what another more “traditional” tenant would pay.

However, a mobile multi-level cultivation system allows you to expand your canopy without increasing your square footage.

With creative and flexible mobile rack designs, you can double or even triple your growing space.

In addition to growing up, instead of out, you’ll be able to eliminate space-wasting aisles. That’s because your employees can access the plants on mobile racks with just a simple push or pull.

No additional permit costs or state regulations to meet

When you leverage all your existing space with a mobile cultivation system, you won’t have to worry about the burden of additional taxes. The so-called “canopy tax,” which many local governments have imposed on the cannabis industry in recent years, is often based on square footage, not the canopy.

With a multi-tiered growing system, you’ll also save on construction permits and other costs associated with increasing your square footage.

Lower energy costs and consumption

Every grower knows that energy expenses are second only to labor costs. In fact, the initial cash outlay to set up an HVAC system alone can be pretty daunting. Then, on top of that, there is LED lighting and irrigation.

However, a multi-tiered system can save you substantial money on energy costs over time. These savings are good for you and good for the environment.

First, HVAC costs can be lower with a vertical design than with a horizontal system, and LED lights emit less heat than standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. With less heat coming from your lighting, you’ll spend less on cooling and ventilation.

Mobile systems are made to be moved around, so that means your workers can adjust positioning to accommodate your plants’ lighting, watering, and oxygen needs. That adds up to less energy consumption!

A larger yield means an improved bottom line

Now we can return to that basic business premise. With a multi-level growing system, you can grow more plants in the same square footage; avoid costly rent increases, permit fees, and taxes; and save on energy costs.

Some growers compare the fast and furious cannabis industry to the Wild, Wild West of America’s past. All we can say is that when you integrate a multi-level system into your growing operation, you are able to remain strong in a highly competitive industry.

Ready to learn more? Call us today at Grow Higher. We’ll share our expert advice on how a mobile system will take your growing operation to the next level.

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