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Where to get Good Tray and Light Supports in Eugene, Oregon

If you are new to the business in Eugene, Oregon, or anywhere else for that matter, then it might be difficult to know where to go when you want to get started. There are a lot of factors like what lights to use, what supplements are best, and much more. It can get confusing. If you are scaling up then you will realize that you will have a hard time doing it. It is because it is harder to get industrial grade growing supplies out to your area. Therefore, it might be hard to understand where and how to get the tray and light supports you need for your grow rack aka flood table.

Wood vs Steel

One of the first things you will have to ask yourself is if you want to use steel or wood for your grow rack. A lot of newer growers opt for the wood version because it is cheaper and faster. A lot of newer growers have built a few things in their time and that seems like the best way to go because of the experience. What they tend to find, at some point, is that the wood starts attracting bugs. It also tends to rot if untreated, badly treated, or if the treatment needs to be re-applied. Of course, the longer the wood is subjected to water the more likely or sooner the rotting can begin. If you do develop rot then your rack will start being unstable and you can lose a lot of work quickly.

In general, the longer-term play that ends up saving new grower money over the long run is using galvanized steel from the very beginning. You might be thinking, “steel rusts.” You would be correct except the process of galvanization is what makes this resistant to water and corrosion.

What Galvanized Means for you

Galvanized means that the steel has a layer of zinc has been put over the steel so that it is resistant to interaction with water. The zinc forms a barrier between the water and the steel. You get the strength of steel without the weakness of steel can corrode which means it is perfect for a hydroponic style of growing. Steel also is not like wood in that it does not rot and insects, at least the ones we know of, do not eat it. Most of the problems associated with wood are taking care of just by using galvanized steel.

Do you really need the tray and light supports?

The answer is yes because you need somewhere for your grow rack/flood table to sit. If the rack is below another one then that is where you are placing your LED grow lights or anything else you find necessary to hang overhead of your grows.

Finally, these supports are very strong. They can handle up to 1500 lbs each. A good thing so that you can breathe a little easier when adding soil and water, or just water to your grow. You have to keep in mind that when you are hanging your lights. Every little bit adds extra weight but you should be nowhere close to using up the 1500 lbs of weight our tray and light support can handle.

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