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Retirement Communities Gain a New Program Focused Around Indoor Gardening

Retirement communities are making use of indoor gardens to engage their residents. The residents are distant at first but then show signs of excitement later. Eldergrow, the program, has 45 gardens running in 31 communities. It has been running for five months in Washington thanks to a state grant.

Key Takeaways:

  • A retirement community has a new program where residents are taught to care for indoor growing gardens.
  • Eldergrow is running 45 gardens in 31 communities.
  • Residents are distant in the beginning but show excitement after a while.

Quote: “When residents are first introduced to the activities, she said they are typically distant at first, needing encouragement, until someone breaks the ice. She said she can always tell the gardener in the room and she often says to people, “I can tell you were a gardener.”
Then the flood gates open and their excitement is contagious, she said.” (DeFord, 2020)

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