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Urban farming has been a thing in Eugene for a long time. In fact, in 2016, Eugene, Oregon was voted the top city for urban farming by Redfin. The thing that they fail to mention is that urban farming does not have to happen outside but it can happen inside as well. You can farm indoors and you can do it with the highest efficiency possible by growing your wares vertically.

A vertical farm sounds like it has to do with sustainability and, for the most, part it really does. There is a lot of talk about how hydroponic systems and aquaponics systems reduce the amount of water wasted trying to produce products. If you are doing the traditional farming method then you are trying to get the topmost soil wet enough so that the roots can get the water and nutrients from down below. The indoor methods, aquaponics, and hydroponics, the water is below and the water can be filled with nutrients which means that the plant does not have to work as hard trying to get to the nutrients. Therefore, it uses less water and that is how it works, in theory, at least.

If you live in Eugene, Oregon then you are sitting in a hotbed of urban farming in both the traditional sense and the indoor growing version as well. Your community there is and there is, probably, a lot of help to be found in the urban gardening and vertical farming community in the area. What you might not find a lot of is supplies to help you grow your operation or business.

Where do you find industrial-strength racking systems for growing in Eugene?

The answer, there are not a lot of places that do it. There is a phenomenon in the shelving and racking industry where there are certain places where you have to have a rack designed with seismic design considerations. Oregon is one of these states where you have to worry about that for permitting purposes. You might as well go with one that is prepared to help you through the process if it sounds confusing or sounds like a headache. You can also choose to do business with a company that only sells racking and shelving that already has the seismic considerations for the product. It helps if the business has done this sort of thing before and knows the ins and outs of the process and can guide you expertly through it.

If you are anywhere in Lane County or near Eugene, Oregon then we would love to help you get properly set up with the shelving and racking you need to do your work unimpeded and quickly as well.

If you live and work in those areas then the fastest you can get industrial-strength racking and shelving systems for your business or personal use is through us. Visit our mobile grow racks or our vertical grow rack and see the solutions available for you and your situation.

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