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Indoor Gardens Filled with Produce Begin Appearing In Local Stores

Growing produce from inside a grocery store is becoming more and more popular thanks to indoor gardening methods. The method has been in use since 2013, in stores, and now is reaching America’s shores in places like Kroger. Kroger has placed these farms inside of their businesses in Seattle. The difficulty has always been the overhead costs of maintaining and keeping the farm going while making a profit. New upstarts like InFarm and Babylon say that they have systems that should do just that in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • More and more indoor gardens are being put into retailers’ stores to lessen the mileage between farms and a consumer’s plate.
  • The method has been active overseas since 2013.
  • Kroger installed a few of these in stores in Seattle and it remains to be seen if the venture will be profitable.

Quote: “Some, like Kroger and Whole Foods, have taken that step by bringing high-tech produce farms into their aisles — a budding movement that’s made possible by advancements in growing technology.” (Wells, 2020)

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