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Global Warming Meets Indoor Agriculture: Can Cannabis Be Environmentally Sustainable?

Indoor agriculture may not sound like it is the more prominent method of growing cannabis but it is being widely used because of the rich soil that can be provided indoors and out of the elements. The soil in the outside world needs a lot of nourishment and attention and that is why people who are growing cannabis are moving their operation indoors to have better production in that aspect. Growing indoors give you a bit of power of what nature has available.

Key Takeaways:

  • RII had developed a template that is energy efficient and will reduce the energy used to grow cannabis.
  • One of the benefits of growing indoors is that it allows for control of the climate and lighting.
  • Indoor agriculture depends a lot on creativity and technology and as this technology advances, we’ll see more indoor sustainable growing.

“The new regulations will affect lives and cause ripples for countries and states which consider California policies as a model for their own legislation. RII, is a non-profit formed to advance cannabis resource efficiency and has expertise in industry data and policy assessing environmental impacts and best practices associated with cultivation resource issues.”

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