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Farmers say fight climate change by investing in sustainable family agriculture

Climate change impacts all of us, but it especially affects those that are in the business of agriculture. Climate change is a threat to the health of fruits and vegetables as well as the soil, the change in climate keeps evolving. Farmers are accustomed to change and can normally adjust to it, but the way it’s going is a huge threat to the health of the soil. A lot of farmers are discovering ways to improve the health of the soil where the foods can grow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Of all the various industries that impact climate change and are highly impacted by it, the agricultural sector is right at the front lines.
  • Farmers as a group tend to believe that moving towards creating a family-friendly affordable sustainable food supply is a major step in fighting climate change.
  • Part of this process of moving towards sustainability includes improving soil health and organic soil matter.

“We must act now to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, change to a renewable energy system and advance a multitude of solutions, including the unique and important climate solutions offered by agriculture.”

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