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The Future Of Farming: Straight Up

A Texas A&M student named Broch Saxton has built a vertical hydroponic growhouse. This invention should help people learn to have greater access to quality food. This allows more room for the crops without having to use traditional resources. Saxton has partnered with University Professor Ms. Templin to get a $60,000 grant to build this greenhouse which will help feed students while also being a tool for learning. This is something they envision they could bring to developing countries to help feed many more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Templin and Saxton envisioned a project that could feed Aggie students and staff on campus.
  • Using the grant funds, they purchased towers and a closed-loop watering system that provides nutrition to the plants.
  • The produce harvested by TUFU is distributed by the 12th Can Food Pantry, a student-run program on the Texas A&M campus.

“I want to help people have better access to greater food, all while ingraining hydroponic farming into the university.”

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