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Movable Aisle Grow Systems – Is It What You Need?

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Fake it till you make it is the moniker of a lot of business people. It is, honestly, the excuse of some business people to buy expensive things with the thought that they look more professional or more successful than they are at that point. However, if you are looking for a way to run a slim and trim business that is bootstrapped and buys what it is capable of buying then you need to look at what you need in your business.

Make no mistake about it, some people are in business who are only in business to look good. Sales and true success are only a distant second to looking like they are bigger than they are at that point. Sure, everyone would like to have a successful business but not everybody has the acumen or experience to make that happen. It is with this in mind that you should consider your movable aisle grow system. It looks great it can be functional but is it what you need?

A movable aisle grow system is a great thing to have in your business if you have the capital to get it. What you do not know about these systems is that they usually cost a lot. We are not even just talking about a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. If those numbers already scare you then you may want to consider something else for your growing system. In fact, it is fair to say that if you are looking at a fully electrical movable aisle grow system, then you should have a lot of capital or a lot of customers. If you are looking at a mechanical crank system then you probably are still looking at the same amount of money just a little bit less. Again, if those numbers scare you, the numbers that were mentioned previously, then you really should consider another system for your mobile grow system.

One thing you have not considered about those systems is that they are not very mobile. Sure, you can move the aisle but it is stuck in a track system. You cannot turn it around or move it in a way that will give you 360 degrees of the axis from where you are standing. In theory, being able to move the aisles of a vertical grow rack system sounds good. However, in practice, you may find that a little downgrade in technology may be more useful for how you grow your crops. For instance, if you have to bring your growth to the other side of the room, and your track does not go that far, then you have a problem. If your rack is mobile because it is on a mobile grow rack system or mobile grow rack shelving system then you can do that easily. In fact, if you wanted to drag it to the next room with you then it is capable of doing that with you.

Another thing you should consider is that, if you have a track in your movable aisle grow system, and you have soil then you may have dirt accumulation in that track. You may have to clean that fairly often to make sure that you can keep on moving your product as you need. If you grow through hydroponics then you have water slush out of the tray. The water might get in the track. It might, depending on your caster wheels, rust your wheels and make it much harder for you to roll your rack. Therefore, there may be more maintenance than you think there is with these track systems. However, that is not to say that there are certain business owners who would not do better with the systems. It would be because of their specific grow style or crop which could be better suited for that type of technology.

In any case, you should consider how you need your grow racks to move. Sometimes, it’s better to have a lot more choice on how movable your racks are instead of being set into a set track. If you ever think that you will have to move your grow racks out of the room than a traditional mobile rack is probably better than the movable aisle grow system.

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