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Grocery Stores Start Moving to Vertical and Indoor Farming for Produce

Grocery stores are, increasingly, turning to indoor farms for their produce. They are trying to reduce the miles between the farm and the consumer through the use of these farms. Big companies like Kroger have strategic partners like Infarm who grow some of the produce in the store. The article says that the vertical farming market will grow to 9.96 billion by 2025.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stores are going more towards locally grown produce through indoor farms or by growing their own in-store.
  • Kroger has partnered with Infarm to grow produce in the store.
  • The move is being done because grocery stores are trying to limit the amount of time between the farm and when the consumer gets the product.

Quote: “U.S. consumers will place increased pressure on manufacturers to produce locally in 2020 and beyond, according to new research from New York-based Nielsen, which finds that local ingredients and food sourced and produced close to home are important to nearly half (48%) of consumers.” (Strailey, 2020)

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