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Going Big Time by Using Commercial Grow Racks

We are always talking about scaling up because it is what everyone wants. Almost no one wants a smaller business. Everyone wants more and a bigger business that is capable of doing more and more. Therefore, if you are talking about moving from one plant to two then you probably have your eye on eventually moving up to the legal limit that you are allowed to grow. If you are going to do that then it is time to start thinking about getting into the commercial grow racks and out of the hobbyist growing supply section on Amazon.

You still have to make a choice here as you could always go with a mobile grow rack and that would be fine. If you are a person who is ready for the big time then you should consider growing in something that was meant to handle the kind of weight and production you are going to put it through. You want to grow in a vertical commercial growing rack that will allow you to scale up quickly.

Why one of these?

It is because it, likely, is a lot more space than you are used to having and that is not even counting the space above the rack. We are talking about dimensions here. If you have been growing out of a little tent then you will definitely notice the size jump. If you move from anything you can find on Amazon then you will notice that this is a big move and you have come a long way from those humble beginnings. It clearly signals to you and the rest of the people who work with you that you are ready for a larger game.

Of course, you are not regulated to just growing side to side. You are going to be able to grow vertically with one of these racks. Each level is a profit center you can add on to your bottom line as long as you have figured out your profit and loss ratios. Once you have those figured out then it is a question of how soon you can generate the money to get another rack or build onto your current commercial rack vertically.

Finally, you get a system that is known not to generate bugs or mold. Wood-based racks can do just that which can eliminate week’s worth of work because of the intrusion of insects or mold. If you have factored this into your loss and yield then you may not have to continue to use that same factor in the future. The use of a vertical rack made of metal will help you avoid those problems.

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