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Finding a Good Vertical Cannabis Shelving Unit for Growing

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Proper planning from the beginning is key.

If you are looking for vertical cannabis shelving then you need to keep in mind that you have to do proper planning before you get the shelving. It is especially true if you are trying to be a legal grower within your municipality. If you are trying to grow vertically then you have to be cognizant of your local rules, as far as building a structure that is technically a storage unit, into the airspace above you. It is true that you may not get as high as a laptop dealer would but, in general, most things over 5 feet will have to be permitted in order for you to be able to use them. Therefore, looking overhead at how much ceiling space you actually have is a good thing if you are planning to grow legally. We would also like to say that we do recommend that you grow legally and have all the proper permits to do so. All you have to do is read some of our daily news posts to find examples of people who did not grow legally and got caught. Notwithstanding, if you were going to have a vertical growing apparatus you need to make sure that you have enough room so that you can get the proper permits and your local municipality has no problem with you growing your crops vertically.

Was it really made to be stacked?

There is always a question of whether or not the shelving unit you have chosen is capable of doing what you want it to do. There are plenty a makeshift growing apparatuses in the marketplace new or used that are not good enough to be used for what you want it to do. In fact, a lot of them are made of wood which could be very bad for your yield. It is because wood can attract insects and have mold. Neither of these two things are good for your livelihood or your extra income on the side. Granted, if you are looking at a vertical cannabis shelving unit for which to grow in then you are probably big enough where this is your main income. Even more reason that you should do everything you can to make sure that your grow is protected and that you can make the income that you need.

“It is because wood can attract insects and have mold. Neither of these two things are good for your livelihood or your extra income on the side.”

How much does your local grow shop know about material handling?

This may seem like a really weird question to ask but it is very important. You could go to your local grow shop and try to order one of these shelves. However, what you need to realize is that your local growing shop probably is not well versed in material handling. They will not know the ins and outs of getting a pallet rack and what they should be looking out for as far as permitting and safety. The truth is that most of these pallet racks, which are the vertical cannabis shelving units, come with a safety clip. The safety clip tends to fail over time at what it is supposed to do. The safety clip is there to make sure that the shelving unit cannot come off the rack. However, it does tend to lose the ability to do that over time and use. Therefore, you have to be very careful when using this product because it could come off the rack. The thing to do here is to get a safety pin as that does not fail for the most part unless there is some type of damage, user error, or there was a manufacturing error to begin with in the first place. Using a grow rack beam safety pin drop and a safety clip is probably a good idea in most cases. As mentioned before, your local grow shop is probably not going to know this and cannot mention it to you. They also cannot help you through the permit process because this is not something they do consistently. You are better off going with a company that understands you and your needs so that you, your family, and your employees if you have any, are protected while you work on your business’s yield.

If you want a vertical cannabis shelving unit that is strong enough to bring you to new profits and safe then check out this vertical shelving rack here. Conversely, you can call 503-536-7218 to speak with someone who can help you through the process of getting the rack you need for your business.

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