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Farmers & Chefs Takes Farm-Fresh to New Heights with Vertical Gardens

Poughkeepsie-based Farmers & Chefs likes to showcase the freshest produce of the region through its food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurant. Owner John Lekic has recently taken to growing his own vegetables and herbs using a shipping container growing system bought from an Israeli company. The vertical garden is climate controlled and uses automated watering. The system requires 90 percent less water than traditional farming, and no pesticides are needed. Currently, Lekic is growing kale, lettuce, thyme, arugula, sage and dill.

Key Takeaways:

  • For one chef who wanted to grow his own food, vertical farming was the solution.
  • A shipping container in a parking lot can grow food in up to eight different areas.
  • The vertical farm grows food faster, requires less water, and can grow year-round.

“Short on space in the small parking lot behind the Farmers and Chefs building, which already holds the two food trucks, it occurred to Lekic that the only way to grow was up.”

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