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Ensuring Safety for your Grows and You

If you have a grow of any kind of significance and you are at the level where you are using pallet-sized grow trays or flood tables then you probably have wondered how secure that tray is on there. The truth is that the tables or trays are heavy. You have water there, you have the plant there, you could have soil there as well. You also have to factor in the weight of the lights and anything else you have deemed worthy to attach to the shelf to make your life easier. One false move in a certain way and it may come down unless you are extremely careful.


If you have a decent grow size then you are talking about a lot of possible damage not only to the shelf but to you as well. We are probably looking at you losing a toe or, depending on where it lands, breaking something, at least. Even if you were to get out of the way in time then you are still looking at losing a lot of products which is not something you probably want to do. Your product represents time and money. Not only the money you lose by not being able to sell the product because of damage but the money you put into growing it. You have electricity, water, supplements, and soil, if you use any of that in your grows.

What do you do?

You get as safe as possible. You make sure that your shelves are secure. You can easily do that by using a beam safety clip on your grow rack. In fact, if you want to be extra secure, and we would recommend it then you should also think about adding a flood table rack safety drop pin. You can find that product by clicking here.

Why have both of the products?

The truth is that the safety clip can get dislodged over time and a rack that was once safe can go dangerous over time. It is then and there that it is good to have the back up of the beam safety drop pin. If the first mechanism fails then you have the second one there protect you, your loved ones, or your workers. A little bit of redundancy never hurt anyone especially when it comes to protecting you or anyone who works around you.

Want to get one or both of these products? You can click the link here to see the safety clip for your grow rack. You can click this link to see the safety pin for your flood table.

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