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Engineers believe vertical farming offers the answer to food sustainability

Chew Jo Han, a former fashion industry professional, created a hydroponic growing system in his office. The small vertical farm used artificial light to grow food. One of this man’s friends took it upon himself to grow an indoor farm as well using balcony and bathroom space to make room for hydroponic plants. Both men found that one road block to growth was the expense of fertilizer. They established CityFarm Malaysia in 2016 to allow for more growth of vertical farming in the country and region.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jayden Koay used his balcony and bathtub for his hydroponic planting system.
  • CityFarm Malaysia was founded in 2016 to make materials available to urban farmers.
  • The company’s sales were impressive, and in 2017 they were invited to join a UN program in Kuala Lumpur.

“the industry was still in its infancy and materials, equipment like hydroponic fertilizers had to be bought from countries like Japan, Singapore, China and Taiwan. And, they were expensive.”

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