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Aquaponics Farm Seeks to Do More Than Just Grow Food

Cheviot plays host to an indoor farm using aquaponics techniques to grow its wares. However, not only is it using fish to grow produce twice as much produce in half the time, but it is also employing adults with disabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • An indoor farm in Cheviot, Ohio is using fish and hydroponics to grow produce twice as much and in half the time through a technique called aquaponics.
  • It also is using a company that hires adults with disabilities to harvest the greens.
  • It has been open since 2018 and provides those greens to local restaurants.

Quote: “By growing indoors, the facility is wheelchair accessible and climate controlled. Kevin Potts, executive director of the Ken Anderson Alliance, says the aquaponics system allows them to grow twice as much produce as an outdoor farm in half the time.” (Monks, 2020)

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(Josh Elstro/WVXU)

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