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Quality improvement of melons in hydroponic system

Typical procedure for fertilizing melons in a hydroponics bay was to just dump it all in(and thereby over fertilize). Now, experimenters are realizing that different kinds of nutrients affect the melons in different ways. One nutrient set affected how thick the rind was and how dense the fruit was. Another nutrient set affected the taste and smell of the fruit. So, careful fertilization and application of nutrients will yield the best possible melons from each crop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hydroponics often over-fertilizes without paying attention to varying nutrient needs across developmental stages.
  • In an experiment, modified nutrient solutions were applied to improve fruit quality and to optimize fertilization schemes.
  • The study demonstrated the benefits of precise N- and K-nutrient formulations applied at different developmental stages.

“The quality-oriented fruit production in well-controlled enclosed hydroponic systems has been greatly enhanced by the technology of precision agriculture.”

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