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A High Capacity Vertical Growing System

Staying power is the missing element in a grow based business that every business in that field wants but does not always achieve. If you have had it in the growing industry then you should be congratulated. The truth is that not many do for a variety of reasons. Some find out that they do not get a tax break on their labor and costs and jump out of the market, see this blog post for more information. Some do not have a sales or marketing system to support their business. There are people who never figure out how to grow a decent crop and turn a profit. There are some who just do not have the heart for it. But, you do, and you are rewarded by being able to scale up your business. If there is any time for a high capacity vertical growing system then it is now because you have proven yourself worthy of such an undertaking.

You probably started like a lot of people and that was with, probably, some kind of grow tent or supply from Amazon. You were good with that for a while because you needed to learn to grow and to take your bumps initially. If you are going to lose money then it makes sense to lose money on a small scale until you know you can scale up properly. You did, eventually, by getting a rack from somewhere or maybe you reordered the same kit so you could double your profits. But, now, you are ready for more because you have passed every test until now.

If you want a high capacity vertical growing system then it is time to start looking into pallet rack as your vertical growing apparatus. Why? It is heavy-duty, it can handle the weight you are going to throw at it. You can attach your lights to it. If you really wanted to do so then you could make it mobile by adding wheels on to it. In fact, it will allow you to grow more than you have ever thought possible. If anything, this is a major step up that will allow you to grow faster than ever before financially and literally.

You also may be wondering if you should use wood or steel for your growing rack. The truth is that wood attracts bugs, can rot and can attract mold. All of which you want to keep off your growing racks. Steel has a much better time resisting all of these elements. If you are going to go into the high capacity area of growing then you want a steel rack as the apparatus you use to help you grow faster and more profitably.

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