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Determine a post production calculation of how many grams of saleable product and how many watts needed to produce it. Find out if you need to improve your lighting situation, or if you’re already a top performer.

Enter your table A-Bud and table B-Bud grams, watt output of your lights on the table, and the total number of lights to determine your lighting performance score.

Don’t Let Floor Space Limit Your Potential

Multiple Layers

Grow more plants than ever before with racks that support up to 3,000 lbs per grow level.

Highly Mobile

With mobile racking you gain full access to each side of your racks, streamlining time spent waters, harvest and tending your cannabis plants.

Simple Design

Easily assembled with minimal tools, most mobile vertical racking systems and other solutions from GrowHigher can be completed with just two people.

Quality Construction

Sturdy, strong, and durable, our racking and storage solutions can handle your storage and cannabis growing needs. Clear your floor of clutter and optimize your grow space.


With Mobile Vertical Grow Rack Solutions

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