Williamstown has two bylaw proposals that may conflict with each other. Many places are concerned with the amount of odor coming from marijuana grows that are done outdoors. One bylaw is to ban it all together within city limits. The other has written it so tightly that the grows are restricted only to an acre of plants. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Williamstown has two bylaws that could compete with each other in order to be ratified.
  • One bylaw would make it illegal to grow cannabis outdoors inside the city limits.
  • The other would restrict it to only an acre of plants.

Quote: “The Planning Board this week advanced a proposal that would update some of the language in a 2017 town bylaw, establish guidelines for odor control at indoor pot growing facilities and ban outdoor commercial cannabis production in town. Meanwhile, the Agricultural Commission is going forward with a plan to propose a competing bylaw amendment that would allow outdoor production by special permit and with more restrictive setback requirements than currently in place.” (Dravis, 2020)

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