The planning board in Williamstown was told to expect to see a proposal that could allow the growing of Marijuana in outdoor spaces. It is expected that it will encounter counter arguments where it will be argued that all outdoor growing of marijuana should be banned outright. The original laws were focused on indoor production. An application from MassFlora for an indoor/outdoor growing facility met with strong opposition and was withdrawn but not before it sparked the question if it should be allowed at all.

Key Takeaways:
A proposal for outdoor growing in Williamstown is expected to be presented.
It is expected that there will be strong arguments both for and against it.
Odor seems to be an issue again with the cultivation of marijuana outdoors as it has been with other areas.

Quote: “Boyd said the Planning Board had a draft bylaw that allowed outdoor cultivation under heavily regulated conditions but decided the town wanted an outright ban. But then she added that thinking could change.” (Dravis, 2020)

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