Jersey City in New Jersey and its partners are starting a program that will establish vertical farms with technology supplied by AeroFarms. The goal of this program is to increase awareness and improve diet of local population. As a result, ten vertical farms will be established, with capacity to yield close to 20 thousand pounds of produce using water and electricity. Farms will be located in schools and senior centers, and food they produce will be free to local community. The program will run for three years.

Key Takeaways:

  • The vertical farming initiative’s ten planned sites are expected to yield 19,000 lbs of free produce for local residents.
  • Jersey City will work together with the World Economic Forum and the vertical farming experts at AeroFarms.
  • Vertical farming sites will be deployed at places like schools, public housing developments, and senior centers.

“The city will partner with AeroFarms for three years, using the company’s technologies to grow crops including kale and arugula. AeroFarms’ patented growth method mist crops with a solution of nutrients, water and oxygen and exposed them with LED lighting of exact spectrum, intensity and frequency according to the requirements of plants.”

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