According to the Greenbelt foundation, the fruit and vegetable sector could boost Ontario’s economy by one hundred million dollars if there is more local production. Local production would lead to less dependency on imported fruits and vegetables. After Covid-19, Canadians and politicians could emerge with a new sensitivity to food-security, and this could lead to an increase in local production for fruits and vegetables. With more government funding for food and agriculture, GDP could increase by two hundred and fifty million dollars for provinces and create three thousand four hundred new jobs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ontario could recover better from the pandemic if it focuses on producing more fruits and vegetables.
  • One way to do this is to investigate vertical farming as a way of growing.
  • In the US, farm workers have a high rate of covid-19 because of poor safety.

“For example, there’s opportunity to increase the market share of Ontario-grown fresh grapes from 1.6 per cent of annual consumption to 8.3 per cent by planting another 3,720 acres of grape vines.”

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