An innovative teenager in Dubai is putting his scuba diving skills to good use by cleaning up the ocean. Akshansh Khrodia has created a new lift-bag to remove trash from the sea-floor. The bag itself is constructed from a waste sack, old shoelaces, and a carabiner hook. It functions better as well, if not better than other lift-bags, but is much less expensive to create and can even hold 15 kg of garbage at a time. The teenager hopes his homemade invention inspires other to keep our oceans clean.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Dubai teenager is using his scuba diving skills to help clean up the ocean.
  • He created a new sustainable and efficient mechanism that helps to remove garbage from the sea-bed.
  • The innovative bag is crafted from a large waste sack, old shoelaces, and a simple carabiner hook.

“While they operate in the same manner, these lift-bags are much harder to control due to their size and buoyancy and are not easily foldable.”

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