Recent studies have shown that when LED light is used on lettuce prior to harvest, the overall nutritional value increases. Kalera, a vertical farming company, along with researchers at the University of Florida, discovered that the light can help protect the lettuce cells from oxidation. The study itself was groundbreaking since much of the research into vertical farming in the past has been about total crop yield, not the quality of the crop yield. The findings prove promising to help Kalera improve the market value of their produce.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new study suggests that there are benefits to growing lettuce under LED lighting
  • The study focuses on the lighting used right before harvest, unlike most studies of vertical farming.
  • The idea is to help increase the nutritional value of the crops while still growing as many as before

“By only using high-energy LED lighting for the last few days before harvest, both yield and quality could be maximized indoors, indicating promising and cost-effective future practices for the vertical farming industry.”

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