Many look forward to the flower baskets in downtown Kenosha but with Covid-19 happening that has been affected as well. The $30,000 budgeted for the flower program went to fund the Small Business Recovery fund. Many area businesses did not want to scrap the Flower project completely so a compromise was reached with Maria Caravati, the owner of Equinox. Maria worked with Alexandria Binanti Robinson, the executive director of Downtown Kenosha Inc. to create the flowers still in a smaller scale. They still purchased the flowers through the same supplier Burr Oaks in Somers, but volunteers came together and planted the flowers into planters. They also gave plants to St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. Volunteers have stepped in to water the plants, and local businesses that are displaying the planters are also taking care of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because of budget issues this year, Kenosha will not have its usual floral baskets downtown.
  • Due to the coronavirus, money was reallocated from the flowers to help small businesses.
  • However, some money was kept for a smaller version of the traditional flowers.

“For several years, downtown Kenosha has jumped into the busy summer season adorned with huge, bright, colorful hanging baskets.”

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