Medical marijuana users in Illinois are finding shortages of the product in cannabis stores. Many of them are now resorting to growing their own in the meantime. The article mentions a gentleman that is growing his own in a system he built for 5,000 dollars. Most of these people cannot take any cannabis however, it is a specific blend of CBD and THC in a 2 to 1 ratio that is needed. The gentleman finds this works to control his seizures.

Key Takeaways:
A shortage of products in Illinois has some of the people growing their own medicine.
The person quoted in the article is like most of the others in that they need a very specific ratio of CBD to THC in order for it to deal with their medical problems.
The man in the article spent 5,000 dollars in order to cultivate his own medicine.

Quote: “The patient may keep any amount produced by the plant, as long as it’s secured in the home where it was grown, but it remains illegal to sell or give away cannabis from one’s plants. Lawmakers originally proposed letting all adults grow pot for recreational use, but that provision was deleted after police and commercial growers raised objections.“ (McCoppin, 2020)

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