Before Coronavirus, robots that made food were kind of a meme. Now, restaurants are looking at automation as a way to stay in business without having to worry about the consequences. There are robots now making anything from salads to smoothies. The future is coming to us out of necessity due to hardship. It’s an unfortunate way to see innovation happen, but at least it’s happening. Customers are embracing these trends and we think we’ll see a lot of it post Covid-19.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blendid has introduced a new robot called Chef B that can mix up more than 30 smoothies per hour.
  • Creator churns out burgers using a highly-sophisticated robot with hundreds of sensors, and then delivers them through a miniature airlock.
  • Willo is pioneering new indoor agriculture technologies in their vertical farm facility.

“But in a new dining landscape shaped by social distancing and increased sanitation practices, Sally is a necessity.”

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