There is a new brand of flat footwear that are comfortable and stylish. They are made from sustainable materials such as water bottles. This is just the beginning though, they are working towards making other sustainable products that are similar to these. You can’t walk outside anywhere without seeing a pair of the pointy toed flats worn by some girl either casually or if she’s dressed up. These are made from a sustainable fabric that is easier to put on and pretty easy to create.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rothy’s is a very popular footwear brand that produces comfortable and ethically made footwear.
  • Their new bag comes in five different styles and the prices range from 65 dollars all the way up to 350 dollars.
  • Some of the different styles the bag comes in include a tote bag crossbody and some pouches that you can pack things into.

“The brand’s debut bag collection is sustainably knit from marine plastic, their signature water-bottle-derived thread, and other 100% recycled materials, and just like the brand’s other wares, they’re durable, machine-washable, and cute AF.”

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