An author makes the argument that robotics and AI are making the cannabis and hemp industries much more efficient. A bill introduced in 2018 changed the controlled substance status of hemp to something where states could individually choose how they want the product grown and used in their boundaries. AI and robotics are making production easier because they are used to control the environment. Mold productions can be detected and avoiding and cross-pollination can be avoided because of the help of machines as well.

Key Takeaways:
A bill created in 2018 removed the controlled status of the hemp product. It allowed states to decide how and when hemp products should be grown and used in their borders.
Using AI and robotics to detect changes in the environment has enabled farmers to stem the growth of mold and other factors that would otherwise lessen the yield of crop production.
The author contends that indoor growing methods are necessary in order to make sure that cross-pollination does not occur which could ruin hemp or cannabis crops on either side. 

Quote: “Artificial intelligence and robotics can be used to monitor humidity and mold and make adjustments in the environment to prevent a disaster before it starts.” (Wallace, 2020)

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