The Hydroponic farm in Robbinsville has not been able to have volunteers work there due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hope Cahill has been giving virtual tours to show people the utility of the new technology. Cahill has hosted multiple virtual tours for schools around the state of New Jersey. The virtual tour serves as a virtual field trip for students. Students learn about the process of setting up the crops and get to learn about the unique features of the farm.

Key Takeaways:

  • The coronavirus outbreak has kept volunteers away from the Robbinsville Hydroponic Farm.
  • The farm can potentially grow over 1,000 mini heads of lettuce per week in a 320 square feet space.
  • The farm’s coordinator has been leading students on virtual tours of the Leafy Green Machine.

“Harvested produce is given to Robbinsville Township schools and the senior center as well as organizations such as Mercer Street Friends for meal programs.”

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