A fledgling business owner in Quadra wants to open a micro-cultivation facility for cannabis. Quadra is a small island between Vancouver Island and B.C.’s mainland. It has about 3,000 people living there. Shane Hedefine says that it has taken 14 months to get this far into the process. The public information meeting was only attended by 20 people who were mostly seniors and did not seem to have much problem with the proposal.

Key Takeaways:

Cannabis production keeps growing even to smaller islands with low populations like Quadra.
A businessman, Shane Hedefine, is trying to have Strathcona Regional District, rezone for marijuana production.
The business would procure a micro-cultivation license. The license will allow for a maximum of 400 plants. 

Quote: “Quadra, a small island with a population of approximately 3,000, is part of the Discovery Islands archipelago wedged between Vancouver Island and B.C.’s mainland. Approximately 20 residents attended the meeting. The majority were seniors and already on a first name basis with Hedefine, 46, who has lived on Quadra his entire life” (Baker, 2020)

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