In England, the police discovered an interesting surprise when they were called to a fishmongers. Originally, the Metropolitan Police were informed of a water leak from an apartment above a fish shop, but when they knocked on the door, no one greeted them. That’s when the fire department busted down the door and they discovered a large hydroponic grow hour with 300 illegal marijuana plants. Not only was this a big drug bust, but the police also found the leak, which posed aa a fire hazard for the whole building.

Key Takeaways:

  • On 19 June, Metropolitan police responded to a report that water was leaking out of a fishmongers shop, and found that the water originated from the flat above.
  • The police knocked on the door of the flat, and began to fear that a medical emergency had occurred.
  • Although police are continuing to investigate the indoor marijuana farm, there is currently no reason to believe that the fishmongers are involved in any illegal activity.

“Firefighters helped the officers force their way in only to find a sophisticated cannabis farm of more 300 plants.”

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