The coronavirus pandemic has exposed issues within our global food supply chain. Therefore, local agriculture has emerged as viable solution to combat these issues. Not only is the food produced by these farms sustainable and delicious, but since it’s they are grown nearby to where it’s sold, the transportation costs are reduced. Since the pandemic began, the demand for locally grown produce has skyrocketed and many local farms are taking advantage of this boom by providing delivery of their produce directly to consumers.

Key Takeaways:

  • The coronavirus pandemic has exposed several issues within the agricultural industry and educated consumers about the farm-to-table process.
  • Local farming is a more sustainable and cost-effective ways for customers to by their produce because there is less transportation cost.
  • Many local farmers have gotten creative with their business and have provided direct-to-door delivery service during the pandemic.

“When the national and international food supply chains threatened to break down in early spring, local farms offered the kind of security and certainty that many people craved.”

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