New farmers who are growing hemp or making CBD are thinking about making the switch should the state legalize Marijuana. It would not be too big of a step for most but, surprisingly, not everyone is on board as some want to stay building something everyone can use. The projected 30.3 billion in legalized marijuana sales may convince them otherwise, however.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farmers in New York are eyeing the possibility of growing marijuana should it go legal.
  • Some are balking at it because they want to produce a crop that will not get anyone high.
  • A major problem seems to be the taxes associated with it in the proposed bill. A farmer says that it would be akin to asking for $500 a pound.

Quote: “Some farmers, such as Sherman, are already growing hemp and wouldn’t need to change much to begin processing marijuana as well, but find the current law could hinder smaller farm operations from getting into the market.” (Briere and Dunn, 2020)

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