Point Reyes has enjoyed its status of a farming model thanks to its landscape suitable for agriculture. The community has a responsibility to continue with the vision of Point Reyes as a primer on how environmentalists and farmers, all members of the local community, can work together to protect both the environment and food sources. The park has an opportunity to show that sustainability is an important part of agriculture and that it is critical to ecosystems on local levels. Local farms are perfectly positioned to educate the new generations of urbanites about sustainable practices. There has been tension between the environmentalists and agriculturalists lately, but pandemic has shown that we have to rely on each other, and this may be a perfect time to mend these relationships for greater, common good.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ecosystem of rangelands and forests put the park in a position to show the value of sustainable agriculture.
  • Cattle can be difficult for the land to handle, but they help repair soil and grasslands when they are managed with intention.
  • A solution to erosion caused by overgrazing has been to implement rotational grazing.

“As a community and as a culture, we have the responsibility to follow through with the original vision for this place as an example of environmentalists, community members and farmers working together to honor the environment and to protect our local food sources.”

Read more: https://www.marinij.com/2020/06/06/marin-voice-point-reyes-a-model-for-healthy-local-sustainable-agriculture/

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