Osage Gardens has been acquired by Knapp ranch and the old owners couldn’t be happier. Sarah Rumery said she feels like their brand couldn’t be in better hands for achieving success while also committing to sustainability efforts. Osage gardens has been committed to organic farming since 1992. Osage won’t see any particular change in how they do things but will be able to see an increase in their distribution of healthy food and culinary herbs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tom and Sarah Rumery started Osage Gardens in 1992 and soon specialized in growing fresh herbs.
  • The acquisition is focused on expanding distribution rather than changing operations.
  • Knapp Ranch formed the philanthropic Knapp Ranch Foundation in 2017 to support sustainable agriculture education.

“The sale of Osage Gardens to Knapp Ranch is characterized best as a new partnership and alignment of core values.”

Read more: http://www.realvail.com/knapp-ranch-osage-gardens-come-together-over-sustainable-core-values/a8527/

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