The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed several issues in our agriculture supply chain industry. Many experts believe the future of agriculture will rely on vertical farming. This process is cheaper and more efficient as it uses less space, and the produce is grown closer to consumers, reducing the transportation costs. Companies like Local Leaf have been addressing these challenges with their sustainable vertical farms. Their customers have more knowledge and traceability of the growing process, from farm to table. In the future, expect to see the vertical farming industry boom.

Key Takeaways:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is shifting the agriculture industry from traditional farming toward indoor, vertical farming.
  • Companies and investors had been pouring money into the vertical farming industry as the number of these facilities are expected to grow rapidly in the next decade.
  • Vertical farming reduces the need for any migrant labor, which allows for better health and safety outcomes.

“Local Leaf also offers a fully traceable food source, with instant access to information about the food from seed to shelf.”

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