Hydroponics are becoming increasingly popular way of raising plants, but some people have taken this method a step further thanks to their creativity. Growing edible plants is a novel idea and for some people it means tapping a new market. Nadine Stielow used to grow ornamental plants and she describes how hydroponic growing was a method for her to expand the business in a more sustainable way. Once she started thinking about growing edible plants, the idea really took off and attracted new customers. Her plants can be used as food or decoration, but she also uses her products to raise awareness about sustainable hydroponic practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • One farmer has found a great demand for edible plants that are ornamental and grown using hydroponics.
  • She started growing with hydroponics to improve the sustainability of her farm.
  • The experiment happened during the pandemic, and was met with a lot of interest from customers.

“Two years ago, after growing seasonal ornamentals for 7 years, Stielow decided to expand her business by starting to grow greens and herbs hydroponically.”

Read more: https://www.hortidaily.com/article/9226297/hydroponically-grown-edible-ornamentals-an-untapped-market/

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