There are many different things that we can do to help keep our plants healthy after this lockdown ends. Since we will have less time, it’s important to choose a plant thats easy to care for and doesn’t need to much attention. It is also essential to understand how much water your plants need because if you overhydrate them, it will prevent growth and hurt the plants roots. Finally, make sure that your plants are getting enough sunlight and do research on the best living environment for each specific plant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure your plants are getting the proper amount of water. If you overwater your plants you can prevent growth.
  • Make sure your home temperature has enough humidity in order to help your plants not dry up which will turn them brown.
  • Move your plants away from windows which will help reduce photosynthesis and therefore require less moisture.

“Reports show that younger generations are responsible for the increased interest in indoor plants, as figures show that 75 per cent of 16-24 year olds are now houseplant owners.”

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